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10 Market Street #702,95 Snooze Lane,Grand Cayman KY1-9006, Cayman Islands
Office:345 746-2019
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Why Jasdip Properties Cayman Islands? Because we are the purple cow of Cayman Real Estate! At that moment of decision when you have done your preliminary online and conversational research you need to be treated like a palm tree and not one of millions of grains of sand so you need a partner that stands out from the herd. If you drive down a road on a daily basis and EVERY day you see a herd of cows, pretty soon you “stop” seeing the cows. What if one day, as you meander down the road on your way to a big decision your eye is suddenly drawn to a PURPLE COW in the herd! Would you stop? Would you want to know why?HELL YEAH!!! My life has focused on the one to one relationships of my personal life, business, my staff and YOU and this has become the core of WHY you may need to meet us for a conversation over a coffee, beer or a martini so that you put someone in your corner who is knowledgeable, passionate, enthusiastic and who prides themselves on their integrity to help you uncover the RIGHT fit for your needs! Our culture is built on the pillars of Steve Farber’s top 100 best selling business books of all time “The Radical Leap”and with us you will sense and feel that we cultivate LOVE in everything we do, and that this love inspires crazy ENERGY which gives us the AUDACITY to see things in unique perspectives and the integrity to provide the PROOF that we DO WHAT WE SAY WE WILL DO! So if you have read this far AWESOME! Let’s get together and see how and IF we can help you find what you want, or market your property in our AUDACIOUS ways to help you achieve the results you seek. Be far from ordinary, create a great day and don’t become a grain of sand; BE the palm tree!

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