CIREBA re-elects Jeanette Totten as President for 2016

  • Mar 08, 2016
From left to right: Quatro Hatch, Douglas Sell, Heidi Kiss, Jeanette Totten, Michael Day, Heather Carrigan, Brian Wight and Maria Alberga.
From left to right: Quatro Hatch, Douglas Sell, Heidi Kiss, Jeanette Totten, Michael Day, Heather Carrigan, Brian Wight and Maria Alberga.

CIREBA has re-elected Jeanette Totten, its first woman President to serve CIREBA during 2016 in the position of President. 

Jeanette started her own boutique-style real estate company, Cayman Luxury Property Group with her husband in 2004. She has held numerous Executive roles in CIREBA prior to being voted in as President, now for the second time. 

Ms. Totten’s work in CIREBA and her re-election means that she is able to get a consensus from other Real Estate Brokers who all represent International Real Estate Companies. One focus has been ensuring that the CIREBA website does not represent any single company but represents the members in a group effort as being one of the most influential professional industries in the Cayman Islands.

Jeanette said "I am honored to have been re-elected President of CIREBA. Over the past two years under the direction of Michael Day, CIREBA has been modernizing the tools that are essential to each CIREBA member. My goal is to continue leading CIREBA in this direction."

In the coming year, Ms. Totten’s plans are to continue moving forward with the newly restructured MLS website that was launched to its membership in 2015. The old site was 20 plus years old so it was important that it be upgraded into the 21st century.

Another project that Ms. Totten will be focusing on is to attract more brokers and individual agents to become involved in the workings of CIREBA. Jeanette plans on formulating committees, each comprised of Brokers and agents under the leadership of a Board Member. For instance, there will be a committee to deal with the website, signage, and marketing, to name a few. She will encourage the members to participate if asked, or better yet, contact the CIREBA office if they would like to get involved.

Other members that will serve on the 2016 Board of Directors and their respective positions are as follows:

Kiss, Heidi Capital Realty VICE PRESIDENT
Sell, Douglas Cayman Islands Properties TREASURER
Carrigan, Heather Cayman Islands Sotheby's SECRETARY
Hurst, Jeremy IRG Cayman DIRECTOR
Day, Michael Regal Realty DIRECTOR
Wight, Brian Better Properties DIRECTOR
Alberga, Maria Heritage Group DIRECTOR
Hatch, Quatro Coldwell Banker Cayman DIRECTOR

About CIREBA The Cayman Islands Real Estate Brokers Association (CIREBA) is a not-for-profit Association, set up in 1987 to provide a professional network for real estate companies in the Cayman Islands. Today it operates the Multiple Listing System (MLS) and acts as a central source of information for its Members. All members of CIREBA, agents and brokers, must follow the Association’s code of business standards as detailed in CIREBA’s Rules and Regulations.


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