CIREBA added Broker Reciprocity to their website

CIREBA added Broker Reciprocity to their website

CIREBA added Broker Reciprocity to their website

CIREBA (Cayman Islands Real Estate Brokers Association) announced that they have added Broker Reciprocity to their new responsive website which was launched in March 2017.  Essentially this means that CIREBA agents and brokers will now be able to list other member companies’ listings on their own websites.

Until now member companies were only allowed to advertise their own listings on their respective websites. CIREBA felt that this was an outdated practise and that the new feature will enable members to work together more efficiently. This type of sharing is common place in the United States with positive results and CIREBA wanted this feature to be a valuable asset to its members and vendors.

This new feature is, without a doubt also advantageous to the Vendors/Owners as their property can be listed on up to 33 additional real estate websites. This broadens the reach of their listing exponentially.

Jeanette Totten, current President of CIREBA added, "One of my duties is to ensure that our members are consistently and effectively able to fulfill their fiduciary duty to their respective Vendors. The creation of the 'Broker Reciprocity' feature within the MLS strengthens this. This is a first for the Cayman Islands real estate industry and reflects a new level of exposure for our clients’ property listings."

There are however some Terms & Conditions applicable to the new feature:

  • Shared land and property listings must state "Broker Reciprocity" on them.
  • The listing agent must give approval to other CIREBA members prior to publishing.

"Broker Reciprocity" also allows potential purchasers and curious browsers to view more properties when visiting a member’s website which in turn means increased statistics for the Cayman Islands’ Real Estate Market as a whole.

"As a CIREBA broker-member myself, I cordially invite all of my fellow real estate brokers and agents to utilize this feature and display their properties on" said Jeanette Totten. 

CIREBA trusts that this new feature rollout will be a success, and that together Cayman Islands Realtors can do more to promote Cayman Islands real estate both locally and globally.