Real estate agents commission rates

Real estate agents commission rates
Real estate commision rates Cayman Islands

Commissions charged to the seller(s) by Members shall be those set by CIREBA. Such charges shall be paid to the Listing Broker Member on the gross selling price. Commission rate minimums are based on the gross listing price in the Listing Agreement. The commission structure to be used is as follows which applies to US or CI dollars.

  • Price $494,999 or under – 7%
  • Price $495,000 to $994,999 – 6%
  • Price $995,000 to $9,994,999 – 5%
  • Price $9,995,000 and over – 4%

For sales relating to businesses the commission rates shall be as follows:

  • Businesses up to  $94,999 – 10%
  • Businesses over $95,000 - 7%
Cayman Islands Real Estate Brokers Association