"Home is Where the Heart is" donates CI$10,000 to the Alex Panton Foundation JULY Donation

  • Jul 01, 2020
”Home is Where the Heart is” donates CI$10,000 to the Alex Panton Foundation  JULY Donation
”Home is Where the Heart is” donates CI$10,000 to the Alex Panton Foundation JULY Donation

In May CIREBA (Cayman Islands Real Estate Brokers Association) launched a donations program "Home is Where the Heart is" to provide funding to support those most in need In Cayman with the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. Through this programme CIREBA has committed to donating CI$10,000 a month to various charities and organizations until the end of 2020.

CIREBA is proud to announce that The Alex Panton Foundation received the most votes from the CIREBA members during the month of July. A cheque for CI $10,000 was presented from Michael Day (CIREBA member) to Shane Purcell of the Alex Panton foundation on July 27th.

The Alex Panton Foundations mission is to improve the mental health of children and young adults in the Cayman Islands through advocacy, awareness and support. They are dedicated to ensuring that the public is aware of the mental health issues the youth face. They want to radicate the long-standing stigma around mental illness in the Cayman Islands through the power of education and awareness. As well as support those that are struggling with mental illness through valuable resources and a supportive networt.

“We have various initiatives that are ongoing. The most immediate needs are the Emotional Literacy Program (started last year and offered free to all primary school age children in the Cayman Islands as well all ages with special needs).” (Jane Panton)

The Emotional Literacy Programme is a Social Emotional Wellbeing programmes for children ages 5-9, 5-7 and 7-9.This programme helps children develop their own positive strategies to deal with problems through engaging activities: listening to stories, discussion, games, role-play and drawing.

“This programme will be offered to all CIG Primary Schools in the new school year (they are set up to deliver virtually if this is required) and this is not subsidized by the CIG at all. The program is made possible by the generous donors of APF such as CIREBA.” (Jane Panton)

CIREBA is happy to help those most in need within the Cayman community and they look forward to future monthly donations in 2020.
Those eligible for the monthly donations under the “Home is Where the Heart is” program include:

  • Cayman Islands Food Bank
  • Cayman Ark-Act of Random Kindness
  • Cayman Islands Crisis 
  • Resilience Cayman 
  • Kiwanis Club Cayman 
  • National Trust 
  • The pines Retirement home
  • Feed our future
  • YMCA Cayman 
  • One dog at a time
  • Jasmine
  • LIFE .. Literacy for everyone
  • Cayman Islands cancer Society

Charities or service organisations that are not on the list that wish to be included can request this by emailing dena@cireba.com

Dena Rousseau

+1 345 949 7099


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