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Caymanian Roy Powell started in the real estate industry but not by applying for job. Just after completing ‘A’ Level Exams he got a phone call saying a friend needed help answering the phone in a real estate office and if he knew of anyone that could help. Within a half hour Roy got a ride there and announced he was the new receptionist and shortly after that he then announced he was bored and wanted more to do. The question was then posed if he knew about computers. In those days the online multiple listing system was non-existent, but this company was attempting to create its own in house version and Roy became the Data Base Administrator. He stayed there for two weeks helping out since he had vacation planned and upon leaving on the last day he was told he had a full time job when he returned. Upon returning he continued to learn the “ins and outs” of the business and started doing rentals and sales. Almost 25 years later and six different locations, “I am still at the Real Estate game” he states. “I have seen many changes in this little country and real estate markets since I started” he adds. Roy has been involved in condo developments including the architectural designs and is fully committed to assisting clients with their real estate needs. When not working he enjoys “yachting” as he calls it on Sunday afternoons.

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