Multiple Listing System

Multiple Listing System

The Multiple Listing System (MLS) is becoming more widely used in major markets around the world having originated from the US and Canada.

The MLS means that properties listed through one CIREBA member company are available to every CIREBA agent and company to show and sell.

Prospective buyers therefore have access to literally billions of dollars’ worth of listings and sellers can be assured their properties will be presented to the widest possible market through their chosen CIREBA agent. It’s as simple as that.

When using a member of CIREBA the buyer can select a single preferred realtor and stick with them throughout the process.

As a seller, listing your property with a CIREBA agent means that you not only have that firm working for you but all the other Members also have access to sell your listing through the MLS. That’s 34 firms and over 168 agents working to make your sale through one CIREBA listing.

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