This is the most familiar type of real estate. Also known as Fee Simple, which means complete ownership of the property including all the land and buildings on the land now and in the future. The property owner or ‘title holder’ holds all the rights to the area.

However, even a freehold property can be a part of a Strata Corporation in the Cayman Islands. If your freehold property has been “stratified” then this means that not only do you own the property unit referred to in your title document but you also own a share in the Strata Corporation which owns the common property that your unit sits on. See below for further explanation of the role of a Strata Corporation or ask your CIREBA agent.

The fee simple owner uses it, sells it, gives it away, trades it, leases it or passes it on to others tax free in the Cayman Islands. Freehold properties generally don’t have associated fees or management rates to pay. However, see Strata Corporation below.

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As the purchaser of a leasehold property, you own the building but not the land it stands on. Once the lease is up, the property reverts to the owner, or ‘freeholder’. Leaseholders should avail themselves of advice from a management company that will take care of the decision-making concerning the budgets, standards of management, repairs and any major works associated with the lease.

Every piece of property in the Cayman Islands is registered under its own block and parcel number. Every owner is registered and the Government guarantees the ownership. You may examine the records regarding all real estate at any time.

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Strata Corporation

Condominium or other residential and commercial property sold as part of a strata plans means you own a share and have voting rights in the Strata Corporation of that residential/commercial complex. All such complexes in the Cayman Islands which are part of a Strata are managed by an executive committee. It manages the insurance, maintenance, by-laws, rates, reserve fund and all owners are bound to comply with its decisions.

Strata fees vary as do items covered so carefully examine statements from the Strata Corporation prior to purchasing any property.

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