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Jane has been living in the Cayman Islands since 2002, following a move from the British Virgin Islands, where she was providing fine wines to high-end restaurants. Previous to the Caribbean, Jane’s career in hotel management has taken her all around the world, including London, France and Switzerland – but it’s beautiful Grand Cayman and its stunning turquoise waters, balmy breezes and friendly locals, nestled in the central Caribbean, that has been her home for over 17 years.

Jane has arrived back at a career in real estate, from previously working as a realtor in Grand Cayman for 5 years and following a love of property for many years since. She has successfully bought and sold property in Grand Cayman as part of a personal portfolio and believes whole-heartedly in bricks and mortar as a sound investment strategy. On a personal level, Jane loves meeting new people and enjoys listening to what clients need, and solving the problem of finding their ideal home. Jane is fluent in several languages, including French and has worked in a demanding customer focused environment her entire career – this combination of passion and skills makes Jane a formidable, client-focused agent, who knows the Cayman Real Estate market very well due to working on both sides of the fence, realtor and investor!

For Jane, the draw about being a real estate professional in the Cayman Islands is the unique combination of fantastic infrastructure, the high spec build of the homes, the range of architectural design available on island and the level of investment that is being put into both development and interior design in the Cayman Islands. Essentially – homes in Cayman are a brilliant ‘product’ to be representing.

Outside of work…
Jane has two boys, who keep her extremely busy.
She can also be found on the golf course, scuba diving and snow skiing with the family when she can!
Some weekends, Jane loves to hop on their family boat with family and friends and enjoy the Cayman waters and beaches.

What people may not know about Jane:
She has climbed Diamond Head Volcano in Hawaii
On her 24th birthday, she skied down a mountain in the French Alps with a parachute (it’s called parapente in French), which involves skiing off the edge of the mountain and parachuting down to the base!
Jane was a chef in Switzerland and England for several years and has a love of cooking and dining at fine restaurants.

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