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My name is Melissa King from the extraordinarily beautiful Cayman Islands where crystal clear waters and white sandy beaches reflect my diverse personality including motivation, and the qualities of generosity and thoughtfulness. I am also a well determined and spirited individual. 

Being born and raised in Cayman, I feel truly blessed to have 365 days of Sunshine and beautiful vegetation all year round. Working with different people, I find a sense joy in the knowledge that I can bring happiness to someone life just by being thoughtful. 

The serenity of these three beautiful Islands gives that warm feeling, of peace and contentment, every sunrise and sunset living in a place where the sun, sea, and sand are the first things you embrace every day in such breath-taking atmosphere. 
I went to school here in the Cayman Islands from reception to University where I studied hospitably it was a challenging yet rewarding industry to have under your belt, some of my most significant challenges was “me” not been able to slow down I was always on the go. 
I have been in the hospitality industry for many years from underwater photography to food and beverage. I love working with people it’s a real passion of mine, and I take pride in knowing that people from around the world enjoy visiting my home. I love to travel to the USA and experience a different State every time, is just another way of learning about different cultures. 
I came from a small family, one brother and one sister, and I am the middle child. Some of my hobbies are cooking, track & field, shoreline fishing and watching the World Cup with my sister. I also volunteer at my daughter’s school in the Athletics Dept. She is eight years old her name is Mariah, and she has a passion for Science, Math, English, and poetry, but most of all for gymnastics and ballet and she is also a great track runner. 

One of my passions is Real Estate, but I never know how to get into the field. One day, while I was doing my day job at the Airport. I was approached by a Heidi Kiss, Broker of Engel & Völkers Cayman islands. She told me she was impressed by how kind and showed excellent customer service, to the guests who had just arrived the Owen Roberts Airport. We had a pleasant conversation, and I  was immediately convinced to work with her and her team of Advisors. 

Engel & Volkers has expanded my horizons beyond imaginable, and I am thrilled to start my new career. When you arrive at GCM- Owen Roberts Airport in George Town and you need a Taxi. Ask for Melissa; I might be one of your Greeters at the airport or out showing property for sale. I am looking forward to meeting you when you arrive!

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